Le cacao grand cru

Grand Cru cocoa

4 items

The combination of cocoa and vanilla has existed since long before Europeans discovered the food of the Gods, as the...

La collection Java

Java Vanilla Collection

3 items

Now a major force in the world of vanilla production, Indonesia produces a musky, spicy vanilla with notes of raisins...

La collection Bourbon

Madagascar vanilla collection

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Madagascar is the most important vanilla producing country in the world. It alone produces more than 80% of the world's...

La Collection Totonaque

Mexican Vanilla Collection

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The Mexican vanilla comes from the Finca du Papa of Rodolfo Arellano, a young engineer who lives in Saint-Hyacinthe, in...

La collection Papoue

Papua New Guinea Vanilla

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The vanilla from Papua New Guinea comes exclusively from the village of Mandi, near Wewak. The story that unites us...

Détaillants et transformateurs

Retailers and processors

Colibri Vanille offers a wide range of vanilla products for retailers, bakers, brewers, ice cream makers, and other processors. Don't...

Les coffrets dégustation

The tasting boxes

7 items

Our tasting boxes are prepared to allow you to taste several sought-after products in a single purchase. We don't need...

La collection Bantoue

The Uganda Collection

4 items

Uganda is a new vanilla producing country that is far from the experience of Madagascar or Mexico. The vanilla produced...