Le cacao grand cru

Grand Cru cocoa

The combination of cocoa and vanilla has existed since long before Europeans discovered the food of the Gods, as the...

La collection Java

Java Vanilla Collection

4 items

Now a major force in the world of vanilla production, Indonesia produces a musky, spicy vanilla with notes of raisins...

La collection Bourbon

Madagascar vanilla collection

4 items

Madagascar is the most important vanilla producing country in the world. It alone produces more than 80% of the world's...

La Collection Totonaque

Mexican Vanilla Collection

4 items

The Mexican vanilla comes from the Finca du Papa of Rodolfo Arellano, a young engineer who lives in Saint-Hyacinthe, in...

La collection Papoue

Papua New Guinea Vanilla

4 items

The vanilla from Papua New Guinea comes exclusively from the village of Mandi, near Wewak. The story that unites us...

Les coffrets dégustation

The tasting boxes

Our tasting boxes are prepared to allow you to taste several sought-after products in a single purchase. We don't need...

La collection Bantoue

The Uganda Collection

1 item

Uganda is a new vanilla producing country that is far from the experience of Madagascar or Mexico. The vanilla produced...