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Vanilla is a spice that is used to process a multitude of food products, and although more than 90% of the flavors used in Canada are of chemical origin, there are still several food process businesses, and especially consumers who are committed to the taste of real. The real vanilla presents a delicate, sweet and pregnant scent. The real flavor never leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. And although natural vanilla can be used in large quantities without lifting the heart (unlike artificial vanilla), it only takes a little real vanilla to transform your dish.

In addition, only real vanilla is capable of versatility and can be used, both in sauces, meats, vegetables, and fish, and desserts. And this is also the reason why it is less common in salty dishes: chemical vanilla does not apply to it. Grill a vanilla pod by de-icing a saucepan after grilling a meat piece, and you will discover a whole new gastronomic universe!

Finally, 100% pure vanilla extract does not get lost. Although the government requires us to write an expiry date on extract bottles, pure vanilla extract improves as it ages, unlike artificial vanilla extract, which oxidizes over time and becomes bitter.

What type of vanilla to use?

Colibri Vanille offers a wide variety of vanilla types, terroirs and derived products for grocers or food processors. All its vanillas come directly from fair trade producers and without any intermediary. Some types of vanilla have pastry applications, others are more brewing, and others are better at making chocolate. In addition, depending on the product you want to make, the pod may be more suitable than the extract; or the paste, or the vanilla powder. To find your way around, or simply to meet us, we offer you the services of one of these specialists:

Michel Lachaume (438) 995-4755 Gardener hybridur, specialist recognized worldwide for his selections of rare seeds, passionate and in love with all specialty food products. Michel will advise you in your vanilla choices, but also for any other rare and difficult to find vegetable. Friend of chefs, but also of gardeners and market gardeners, he is a link between the land and the table. Do not hesitate to call on him to advise you in all your projects.

Sylvain Boulet (819) 388-4036 Flavor broker, bulk and zero-waste specialist, able to advise you in your choices of ecological containers, carbo-economic products, and a large number of high-quality ecological products such as olive oils, etc.

Gabrielle Joubert (514) 409-6610 Chef. Sometimes the choice of a good vanilla or any good food is not only a question of quality. Food often has unknown secrets that are difficult to know unless you have looked at them with passion and intelligence. This is where Gabrielle comes in: the exact temperatures and infusions, the happy mixtures, a whole alchemy that no longer has any secrets for Gabrielle.

Chantale Caron (450) 808-4700 Business owner and owner of a small vanilla plantation in Costa Rica. In addition to what it offers in stock, do not hesitate to ask it the rarest and most surprising varieties of vanilla such as the hybrids of Costa Rica, the wild Pompona or Chamissonis, as well as the terroirs most difficult to source such as the blue vanilla of reunion island and the famous vanilla of Tahaa, etc.