Refund policy

Colibri Vanille guarantees the quality of all its products if they have been delivered to you by registered mail and if you have informed us of your dissatisfaction within 24 hours of receipt. If the products arrive in bad condition, they will be refunded at 100% minus the postage and bank charges. You can ask to receive only one of these two options:

1) the same product without imperfections;

If you choose to receive the same product, it will be shipped to you within ten days after you inform us of the problem, free of charge.

2) a full refund without postal and bank charges.

If you choose to receive the refund, it will be returned to you via the same payment method within ten days, minus the fee.


Vanilla is an extremely delicate spice. As soon as they come out of the maturing chests where they have been stabilized before going to you, they are carefully packed in a modified atmosphere. If it has deteriorated during transport, we will take responsibility for replacing it for you. However, when they arrive at your home, it is your responsibility to provide them with all the conditions required to preserve their organoleptic qualities as long as necessary.

  • As soon as they arrive at your home, check if the bag has been punctured or damaged. If the bag is damaged, you will be refunded. Do not open the bag until you are ready to use them.
  • When you open the bag, place them on clean parchment paper and examine them carefully. If they show signs of mold or have a bad smell (extremely rare), let us know within 24 hours of opening them. If they look good and smell great, everything is fine! But make sure they stay that way;
  • Let them breathe the atmosphere of your home for at least 12 hours in the original parchment paper and do not put them back in the plastic bag!
  • Put them in a glass jar with their parchment paper so that they do not touch the sides of the jar. You can use a clean and dry "Bernardin" type jar (avoid plastic!). (Avoid plastic!) This step is very important because a trace of steam in your jar can ruin the vanilla. Its optimal storage temperature is between 19 C and 24 C.
  • Avoid leaving the jar in a place where the sun can reach it and cause it to fog up; keep it away from heat sources or air conditioning.
  • Check the vanilla frequently during the first two to three weeks to make sure it is settling well. Examine them often and if you see a trace of mould on a pod, quickly separate it from the others to avoid contamination and use it quickly. If you have no immediate plans for it, it is best to let it air dry to stop fungal growth. When you are ready to use it, rehydrate it in a glass of water for at least six hours or until it is soft.