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Eco-responsibility is an integral part of Colibri Vanille's corporate mission. Its founder, Chantale Caron, is driven by the social and ecological concerns that have always been part of her life choices.

Feminist, alterglobalist, deeply involved in anti-racist and class struggles, for this farmer who supports organic farming, the development of an eco-responsible business has never been a choice.

By bypassing all the middlemen, Colibri Vanille does not give itself a better share; it pays producers the same price it would pay a local trader. Also, the profit margin is not given to two or three intermediaries, but to the producer directly. Thus freed from the monopolistic yoke of the local collectors, and with the help of Colibri Vanille, the producers quietly develop their products to bring them closer to the highest international quality standards.

Chantale Caron

The world of vanilla

On each vanilla pod, traces of human fingers

Vanilla is what it is today because it tells the story of thousands of years of humans who have learned to tame this extraordinary plant.

Of course this little wonder has become expensive, but in truth it is not its current cost that is a scandal; rather it is the fact that it has been undervalued for too long, as has the patient and expert work of many of the world's vanilla producers.

By facilitating contact between the world's vanilla producers and Canadian consumers, I ensure that no one forgets that each pod has that special taste and shape because a human has caressed it daily for a long time to support the development of its aromas. From humans driven by passionate dreams.

Chantale Caron, owner