October 01, 2019

Madagascar caviar for your home extracts

Le caviar de Madagascar pour vos extraits maison

Once you start making your extracts with our split vanilla, there's no turning back. To make the world's tastiest vanilla extract, this is the one you need and here's why:

Vanillin, which is the most aromatic molecule of the hundreds of flavors that make up the taste of vanilla, only develops in the final weeks of ripening. The job of a good vanilla grower is to pick the fruits of the vanilla tree one by one as close as possible to the peak of ripening of the vanilla, too early, the vanillas are not very aromatic; but too late they open up and start to smooth out their seed... but what a seed: for sure the most tasty vanillas!

These are the pods that must be used to make the tastiest of extracts. The ratio is simple: 100 grams of vanilla for one liter of vodka (an alcohol with a neutral taste). Chop it finely and let it macerate for at least a year, stirring from time to time. It is not forbidden to put more vanilla, but avoid putting less. Don't think you'll get a better result by using vanilla grand cru; you'll only pay more.

If you want to save money somewhere without compromising on quality, buy the 94% pure Global alcohol found at the SAQ. Mix 372 milliliters of 94% alcohol with 627 milliliters of water and you'll have your liter of 35% alcohol to which you'll only have to add 100 grams of split vanilla.

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