Mexican vanilla beans (25 g)

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Mexican vanillas are the only ones in the world that do not require manual pollination. A species of bee and a single species of hummingbird endemic to Mexico take care of this task. The result is a vanilla that tastes as authentic as the Totonaques tasted it thousands of years ago. A penetrating vanillin note in a bouquet of dark cocoa and nutmeg and molasses.

These vanilla beans finished their refining process in January 2020, so they are fresh, full-bodied, mellow and fragrant as can't be allowed! Moisture content: 30%, vanillin content: 2 to 2.1% At this moisture content, we pack the vanillas in a modified atmosphere to preserve all the organoleptic qualities as long as possible.

These extra long pods are between 19 cm and 23 cm.

A 25 gr package contains 7 to 8 of them!