Authentic Cribbiana vanilla Che'Sib'Bik

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Vanilla Orchid Cribbiana

This variety, extensively used by the Mayans of Guatemala, disappeared along with the ancient civilization for more than 400 years until a vanilla enthusiast, Dario Ramirez, established the first Maya Vanilla plantation in the world, starting with wild varieties growing on his land. After seven years of patient development, Maya vanilla is now ready to captivate the finest tables in the world.

Appearance and Organoleptic Properties

Length: 10 to 14 cm, very plump and filled with a large volume of caviar. Its very floral bouquet is reminiscent of the daylily and has light notes of anise, coffee, and a very strong vanilla note.

* Please note that during the winter period, all pod orders are always sent by courier (Puro, UPS, FedEx...) to prevent the pods from freezing in community mailboxes.