Jean-Claude and Mounirah

Madagascar vanilla extract is obtained from vanilla beans of the planifolia variety exclusively from the plantation of Mounirah Philibert and Jean-Claude Mena, in the Vohémar region, in the north of the country. You can find more details about their plantation by clicking on the link above.
The powerful flavor of their vanilla includes notes of chocolate, dates and figs. This versatile vanilla extract is our biggest seller. Both for baking and savoury dishes.

Proud to work closely with vanilla producers around the world, without intermediaries and in fair trade, Colibri Vanille makes extracts that have unique flavours because they are made with micro-lots of vanilla grown by families or small groups of producers. Each year has its own vintage.

Our extracts are not made from green vanilla, like the industrial ones, because we favour artisanal transformation in the country of origin in order to support the economic structure of the producing country. We make our extracts from vanilla beans, matured to perfection and patiently processed by hand, as it should be.
Vanilla paste is prepared from our extracts. They are typically used to make homemade ice cream or yogurt, or any other type of dish in which you want to see an abundance of small, suspended beans that pop like caviar and add flavor and texture to culinary preparations. Vanilla pastes are used as an extract, but because they contain sugar, you need to use a little more and adjust the sugar content of the recipe. One tablespoon of vanilla paste is equal to one teaspoon of extract or one 5-gram vanilla bean.