• A taste of the Real

    Le goût du Vrai

    This blog is a call to return to the real thing, to a close relationship with nature and people. It is a call to humanity behind a product that is only a "luxury" for international traders.

    Like many other agricultural products in high demand (cocoa, coffee, sugar, spices, etc.), whose producers toil in their fields for a fraction of the price sold to the consumer, the work of vanilla growers is under-valued, and the role of the traders extremely over-valued. At a time when the Internet is opening up channels of communication between the world of vanilla growers and that of consumers, we are allowed to believe that the profession of trader could well disappear in favour of a fairer trade.

    Vanilla Hummingbird is not a trader, but a representative in Canada of micro vanilla producers. Our role is to open the door to the Canadian market to small producers, to facilitate their access to Canadian consumers.

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