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Nous sommes maintenant certifiés!

We are now certified!

Many people often ask me: how come our products are not certified Foods prepared in Quebec ? Well they do now! Of course, these are vanilla extracts and vanilla pastes, not raw products like vanilla and cocoa.

The difficulty with certification lay in the fact that the rules changed over the last year with this certifier. In the wake of the local purchasing movement, and especially because of the increased number of specific cases, the certifier has had to revisit all the corners and blind spots of their certification rules in order to maintain their credibility with the population. of Quebec.

In the specific case of my products, there was never any doubt that the food was indeed prepared in Quebec. In the past, the questioning was about how to word the product in a way that clarifies any ambiguity that might remain about the origin of the product. (Obviously vanilla doesn't grow in Quebec). But today the certifier goes further: he ensures that the labeling does not promote a country other than Quebec. Also, even if it is internationally accepted that vanillas are classified by types (crosses or botanical classification) and by origin; in Quebec we must rename vanilla according to local nomenclature, for here; and another nomenclature for export.

Thus, Madagascar vanilla products will now be named Bourbon vanilla extract and Bourbon vanilla paste ; those from Mexico are renamed Totonaque vanilla extract and paste (it still gives us pleasure to honor the Totonaque people who invented the transformation process which gives vanilla this captivating scent! 😊); vanilla from Papua New Guinea is now Papuan; and that of Uganda is Bantu.

The Aliment du Québec marqueting machine is essential in Quebec, and you will forgive us, but we have complied with the organization's requirements to better support the entry into stores of our new range of products.

Back to school is coming: happy back to school everyone!

Chantale Caron

Owner of the Colibri Vanille

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  • Carole Munn

    Bravo madame pour la certification! Les produits sont fantastiques!

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