Aztec vanilla extract

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This extract is made with vanilla beans from Mexico, which already had significant dark chocolate tones! This combination of flavours, which has been used for more than 2000 years, is not our invention: the Totonaques, who held the pre-Columbian secrets of vanilla, were already trading with the Aztecs for the production of chocolate. So naturally, here is the Aztec version of vanilla extract! Made with criollo cocoa from Costa Rica macerated for almost two years in alcohol and vanilla from Papantla,

The short macerated vanilla extracts are very powerful extracts that were made mechanically with an ultrasonic device. Although ultrasonic extraction is efficient, this method does not allow for the extraction of all the aromatic molecules as an extract matured for twelve months in our vats, but while waiting for our other extracts to mature, these offer a happy and powerful alternative, capable of solidly enhancing all your gastronomic preparations.