All-Vanilla Tasting Box

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This vanilla set offers you different ways to discover vanilla:

First, you will find two of the most popular types of extracts: Madagascar and Mexico;

Second, a tahitensis vanilla paste. The vanilla paste is used a bit like the extract, but since it contains sugar, you need 5% of the device to develop an intense flavor. So if you are making a custard or pastry, for every litre of preparation you add 5 grams of vanilla paste. Vanilla paste is often used to thwart liquid issues, like making homemade yogurt or ice cream... and especially to see the vanilla caviar suspended in it!

A scoop of hummingbird peasant cocoa, made with cocoa, Ugandan vanilla powder and a little organic sugar. To enjoy, grate a tablespoon with a third of a cup of boiling water and froth with a smoothie maker so that the cocoa butter rises to the surface, and pour into two espresso cups. Delicious!

And finally, a delicious vanilla tea made with an organic tea from Rwanda, specially selected to hold the fine Madagascar vanilla powder that we added.

Happy vanilla discovery!