Simple pleasures" tasting box

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This box contains two 50 grams sticks of Criollo cocoa from Costa Rica, 100% pure and organic. This cocoa, reputed to be the finest and most sought-after of all, constitutes barely 5% of the world's cocoa stocks. Its fruity and bitter-free aroma gives you the sensation of biting directly into the pod. These sticks are made from whole cocoa, with no additives.

The eight 10g vanilla sugar squares are made from sugar and vanilla from Madagascar.

How to use it? Grate it into hot milk to make yourself an old-fashioned chocolate milk; or even better: grate a tablespoon into a small food processor and add a quarter cup of boiling water, grind on high speed, then pour the drink into a small espresso cup. The cocoa butter will rise to the surface in a creamy froth. Drink as is. A real treat!