"Around the world" tasting box

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If the pandemic doesn't allow us to travel, here are at least a few comforting products that will at least make you travel by your imagination... and by your taste buds!

1) First, a bag of organic Rukeri tea from Rwanda, finely coated with Madagascar vanilla powder;

2) A delicious Tahitensis vanilla paste from Indonesia, which is used in the same way as vanilla extract, but whose consistency is more practical for making yogurt, ice cream, and all your preparations that have an issue with the amount of liquid to use;

3) Twelve small Tahitian vanilla sugar flowers for your hot drinks;

4) Madagascar wild pepper, also called Voatsipériféry: the most sought-after and rare pepper in the world because it grows only in one place in the world and is not cultivated. It will delight you with its notes of zest and mace;

5) A vanilla extract from Uganda: delicate, floral and chocolatey;

6) A stick of Costa Rican Cacao to grate on your coffee to make your milk chocolate.

7) A bar of Criollo chocolate at 85% and one at 70%.

All made in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, with the finest products our planet has to offer.