Tasting box

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Our economical tasting boxes are back!

Here is a small box full of flavour to melt with happiness in your hot drinks, to cook and to taste as is. Here's what's inside:

1) A stick of Costa Rican Peasant Cocoa to grate over coffee to make your milk chocolate. Grate into hot milk to make yourself an old-fashioned chocolate milk; or better yet: grate a tablespoon into a small food processor and add a quarter cup of boiling water, grind on high speed, then pour the drink into a small espresso cup. The cocoa butter will rise to the surface in a creamy froth. Drink as is. A real treat!

2) 50 grams of vanilla sugar to sweeten your hot drinks;

3) Uganda vanilla extract: delicate, floral and chocolatey;

4) Two bars of Criollo chocolate: one at 72% and the other at 85%. This chocolate is nicknamed "the prince of cocoa" because it is the most sought after and finest chocolate in the world with its floral taste, fruity notes and lack of bitterness.

5) Three vanilla beans from Madagascar.

All made entirely in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, with the finest products our planet has to offer.