Cocoa Peasant Colibri 300g

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Chocolate has not always had the Swiss-style refined form that is found everywhere. This food originating from Central America has been used for thousands of years in the indigenous cuisine of Central America, and then entered commonly in the Latin colonial cuisine. Prepared with simplicity as in peasant homes, peasant cocoa is whole, pure, and delicious.

How to use it? Grate it into hot milk to make an old-fashioned chocolate milk; or even better: grate a tablespoonful into a small food processor and add a quarter cup of boiling water, grind on high speed, then pour the drink into a small espresso cup. The cocoa butter will rise to the surface in a creamy froth. Drink as is. A real treat!

This one is made the old fashioned way, with granulated organic sugar and vanilla powder. Get ready to taste the real thing.