Raw cocoa 100% pure (250g)

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Criollo cocoa is the finest and most sought after cocoa. Only 5% of the world's cocoa production is of this type. Fruity, without bitterness, pure, raw, and certified organic to boot! Simply shaped in the peasant way, this whole cocoa contains no added lecithin, sugar or anything else. It is pure cocoa as nature intended, simply fermented and lightly roasted in Costa Rica to develop its flavours, then handcrafted here in Quebec.

How to use it? Grate it into hot milk to make an old-fashioned chocolate milk; or better yet, grate a tablespoon into a small food processor and add a quarter cup of boiling water, grind on high speed, then pour the drink into a small espresso cup. The cocoa butter will rise to the surface in a creamy froth. Drink as is. A real treat!