Grand Cru cocoa

The combination of cocoa and vanilla has existed since long before Europeans discovered the food of the Gods, as the name of the cocoa tree "Theobroma" indicates. Already 2000 years ago, the Aztecs made transactions with the Totonaques to buy their precious vanilla for the preparation of xocoalt .

On a volcanic stone, they crushed the fermented cocoa bean with vanilla, chilli and corn, then completed the recipe by sometimes adding honey.

It is therefore natural for Colibri Vanille to offer you cocoa as a complement to vanilla. But not just any cocoa: here is the criollo, the most sought-after and finest cocoa with its floral and fruity notes, without any bitterness. This criollo comes from the Finca de Pablo Cespédez, one of the most respected cocoa producers in Costa Rica. His cocoa and chocolate is available in all Costa Rican airports, in Germany, in Paris, and now in Montreal.

Although his chocolate is not yet available here in retail, it is available by the kilo to chocolatiers, confectioners and other processors.

His grué (raw cocoa) is available by the pallet and wholesale to processors.

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