Retailers and processors

Colibri Vanille offers a wide range of vanilla products for retailers, bakers, brewers, ice cream makers, and other processors.

Don't hesitate to call us to ask for our wholesale price list.

Chantale Caron: 450-808-4700

Michel Lachaume: 438-995-4755

Zero waste stores

Chantale Caron has been a fixture in zero-waste shops for a long time with her wholesale vanilla extract jugs and bulk beans.

But now they are also offering a new line of products for grocery stores.

Grocery stores

In six varieties (depending on the season), Colibri Vanille now offers vanilla bean bouquets in a modified atmosphere; vanilla extracts in 375 ml economy format, and in 50 ml tasting format; as well as the famous vanilla pastes sought after for making homemade yogurts, homemade ice cream, custard, etc.


Thanks to new investments, our company can now meet orders of up to 2 tons of vanilla paste per week; and 500 litres of 100% pure vanilla extract per week.

We also sell to processors very personalized and 100% natural products, such as fruit, spice, cocoa, caramel and vanilla syrups for sherbets, soft drink manufacturers, microbrewery beers, cookies, etc.

And of course, we offer volume pricing for gourmet grade vanilla beans or for processing.

Don't hesitate to call us with your project.

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